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Buying insurance for Fixers, particularly in conflict zones has never been easy. In creating our specialist ‘Insurance cover for Fixers’ scheme we worked with a number of Fixers in the field past and present as well as major Federations such as the IFJ and the IPI.  We aim to make insurance as simple, effective and inexpensive as possible so that every freelance Fixers can afford the essential cover they need.

We’ve attempted to cover as many of the key insurance questions below but if you don’t find the answer you need then just drop us a line or give us a call.

Am I eligible to purchase™ ?
You are eligible to buy™ if you are a journalist or member of the media sector; and you are aged 18 years.
When and where am I covered under my™ plan?
You are covered 24/7 in those countries that are within the Zones you selected, including while at work or at leisure.
What can™ cover me for?
1) Accidental Death
2) Permanent Disability
3) Medical Expenses from an Accident
Does™ include cover for War and Terrorism?
Yes, as long as the insured is not actively participating in war or terrorism.
What if I am not traveling to a hostile country? Do I still need™ ?
Yes.™ plan can cover you 24/7 Worldwide while at work or leisure and so the benefits are available in all countries.
Can I downgrade my cover?
No return of premium is offered for downgrading or cancellation of Zones in your policy
What Medical Expenses does my™ plan cover?
Full details of the medical expenses covered by™ plan are set out in the policy wording which can be viewed on our'Downloads' page:™
View our downloadable PDF
Am I covered under my™ plan if I participate in sports and activities?
Yes. Cover includes accidents while participating in all sports and activities.
How do I file a claim?
You can contact 24/7 our specialist emergency assistance partner, Northcott Global Solutions Ltd on:

Tel: +44 (0)207 183 8910
Back up Mobile: +44(0) 7785627433

You can find a link to a full guide of what you need to do in the event of a claim on our Downloads page

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Looking for PDF downloads?

You can download our brochures which cover our rates, KeyFacts, terms and conditions all in PDF format for you to keep or share with colleagues. Don’t forget we can tailor cover to the needs of your group, organisation or Federation.

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