Register as an insurance Partner to access our $5 daily insurance rate for your fixers and media professionals.

We now provide daily insurance to employed Fixers, Stringers and other members of the media anywhere in the world, including hostile regions. 

Cover is available to pre-registered professional media organisations only and includes Accidental Death and Disablement, plus emergency medical expenses up to $100,000 (subject to a $250 deductible). To register please complete the form and we will be in touch directly.

Register as an insurance partner.

Once you are registered you can add as many Fixers as you need, wherever they are working, anytime you need with a single, simple monthly bill.

Our simple terms and conditions

By completing this form you are applying to become a partner of Insurance For Ltd to be able to insure local media, fixers/ stringers and similar people you are employing on a daily (24hr) basis at a charge of $5 per day for $100,000 cover.

The cover is in three sections, the sections are accidental death, disablement and accident medical expenses and each section has a sum insured of $100,000. Accident medical expenses claims have a deductible of $250 per incident and claims are limited to the sum insured of $100,000
Claims will be submitted to and handled by our claims partners, their details will be provided after successful registration

All decisions regarding claims are the sole responsibility of the claims partner. Upon acceptance of your registration you will be supplied with a unique username and password and by using this you will be able to log into your account to complete the information necessary to insure your employees on a daily basis.

Once the information on the application form as been completed for the employee to be insured cover will start when the “Submit” button has been clicked. You will receive an email confirming the cover that has been purchased and for how long and a similar email will be sent to the newly insured person confirming they have been insured by you and the term of this insurance.

The first day is from the time you complete and click submit until midnight on the same day, all subsequent days will be from 00.01 am until midnight on that day.
You, as an approved partner, will be supplied with the policy document, copies of this should be made available to the insured employee on demand.

At the end of the month in which you have bought cover you will be emailed a statement showing the people you have insured along with the sum due for payment by debit/credit card on or before the 15th of the month.

Policies once bought cannot be canceled and no refund of premiums will be made.

Please confirm your acceptance of these terms and complete the short Partner registration form below

 If you have a question or need help please e-mail: